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Marcoat® GS/ES for Restaurant and Commercial Hotel Kitchens

Commercial Kitchens Epoxy Grout

Exclusive North American Distributor For Marcoat GS/ES:

Fast Cure, Standard Cure, Pour and Wall Grout

We will show how to remove old grout and how to install MARCOAT for both new kitchens and re-modeled kitchens.

  • Marcoat ES fast cure/standard cure/wall grout
  • Epoxy grout
  • Self leveling
  • No clean up
  • Service time = 3 hours
  • Walk (heavy) = 4 hours
  • Full cure = 24 hours

Exterior Paver Caulk System For Commercial Class A Buildings

  • Industry Leading Adhesion
  • Extreme Thermal Shock -10 to 100+ F
  • Plasticity of 23%
  • Cure time of 2-4 Hours
  • Utilizes our Unique System
  • Deep Penetrating Primer
  • Proprietary Back Rod
  • 2 Stage Caulk Application

Marcoat® has developed a 2-part flexible  caulk (methyl-methacrylate)  for various types of pavers to include natural stone, concrete, and other man-made materials. Our flexible caulk has replaced the more commonly used single component urethane caulks and Cementitious grouts which have been the industry standard to date. The common failure of both these products are caused by various effects of nature and cleaning processes & products and their inherent shortcomings known to all who install them.

Projects include many of the largest exterior plazas in the Commercial Class A industry.

Exterior Caulking System Videos

Marcoat System features a 200% elongation rating, giving it superior weather and solvent resistance. The Marcoat System also will stand up to repetitive and aggressive cleaning and has little or no degradation from ice melt or aggressive cleaning.

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