INTERIOR services

Commercial kitchen Re-grouting Marcoat ES Ruff Trax™

We have been hired to re-grout the existing kitchen floor using our Marcoat ES.

EXTERIOR services

Marcoat ® Ruff Trax Paver Floor

  • Recent projects, NYC:
  • Lincoln Center
  • 200 West St
  • Times Square
  • Duffy Square
  • 375 Park Ave

We have been contracted to re-grout approximately 150,000 square feet of outdoor plaza space at Lincoln Center. Before the sand grout was cracked and it also had paver failures.

Advanced Adhesive Systems

Outside caulk, instead of being rigid and hard, should be flexible, so you can easily bend it. And this is what you really need because of the expansion and contraction. The Marcoat product has 200% elongation. It has great weather resistance and solvent resistance. It does not have any problems with ice melt or aggressive cleaning.

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