The Solutions

Paver Caulk – Marcoat GS/ES for Restaurant and Commercial Hotel Kitchens – Exterior Paver System

  • Industry Leading Adhesion
  • Extreme Thermal Shock -10 to 100+ F
  • Plasticity of 23%
  • Cure time of 2-4 Hours
  • Utilizes a Unique System:
  • Deep Penetrating Primer
  • Proprietary Back Rod
  • 2 Stage caulk application

Marcoat® has developed a 2-part flexible caulk (methyl-methacrylate)  for various types of pavers to include stone, concrete, porcelain, and other man-made materials. Our flexible MMA caulk has replaced the more commonly used single component urethane caulks and Cementous grouts which have been the industry standard to date. The common failure of both these products are caused by various effects of nature and cleaning processes & products and their inherent shortcomings known to all who install them.

Marcoat®  Exterior Caulk Systems

  • Sidewalk Expansion Joints
  • Paver Joints
  • Crack Suppression

Our recent projects

We have many successful stories in NYC which is our home base. The acceptance of the MMA caulk product had enabled Marcoat to install our proprietary MMA in many high profile NYC locations. All these locations have very large outdoor plazas with accompanying pavers as seen above. All of the locations had the failures of the existing grout, caulk and even the setting pavers to various degrees.

We service nationwide.

The industry’s stone, tile, caulk and grout experts.

We are Hotel Restoration Contractors with more than 100,000 rooms renovated and 40 years of experience. Marcoat Hotel Restoration excels at providing services to some of the most prestigious properties, ownership groups, asset managers, project managers, architects and GC’s in the full-service and luxury hotel market. MHR employs the most experienced project managers and technicians in the industry, artfully trained to work in demanding environments while meeting the expectations of the most particular owners in the country.


Horizontal application

Commercial kitchen Re-grouting


Steps / Walls

The MMA caulk has been made to withstand 4,000 PSI pressure wash cleaning. Both single-component urethanes and cementous grouts are only guaranteed by the manufacturers to withstand 1,000 PSI. Another big benefit of our MMA caulk is it does not discolor or strain look Cementous grout.

Staining has been a long-standing problem with grout. We can safely say our unique MMA product is longer lasting and better performing compared to all current caulk & grout.

Duffy Square Plaza In The Heart Of Times Square

Caulking has failed throughout entire plaza Marcoat exterior samples: 7th Ave. & Broadway @ 47th St. – 8-month test!

Marcoat installed in spring 2011. Approved by Times Square Alliance

April 28, 2011
To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Tom Harris, Senior Vice President of Security and Operations for the Times Square Alliance in New York City. The Times Square Alliance is responsible for among other things the maintenance of Duffy Square. Approximately one year ago we began
research to re-caulk the plaza on Duffy Square. The existing caulk was less than two years old and failed in multiple places. Duffy Square is a heavily utilized public space in the heart of Times Square, New York.

The Alliance tested one dozen products and we quickly narrowed in on the proprietary caulk/grout offered by John Squitieri of Marcoat. John provided numerous test samples and had the ability to get the product’s creator on site to improve the product for exterior use. John’s samples not only survived a rough winter but look as good as the day they were installed. John is a true professional and has shown how much he cares and stands by his product.

I’m happy to say that the contract to re-caulk Duffy Square was awarded to Marcoat not a single problem arose after 8 months of “watchful waiting”. No other sample came close to the quality of installation or the durability of the Marcoat test areas. The job is slated to begin on May 9, 2011.

Please feel free to contact me and if and when the next time you are in New York City, please walk through Times Square, the “CROSSROADS OF THE WORLD”, and see for yourself Marcoat in action.

Tom Harris
Senior Vice President of Security and Operations
Times Square Alliance
[email protected]

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